About Us


Hello there! We are The Postcard Travelers and along with our little dog Scooter made the big move in the summer of 2014 from the sunny coast of California to living life to the fullest in London for the next few years. Having both spent time living abroad in Japan and Korea in our early 20s, from the moment we married we promised each other a life of love and adventure and to make a rich life for ourselves exploring this big, crazy world we live in.

Danielle is the voice behind the blog as well as the trip planner. Nothing makes her happier than rainy days spent with a good book (find me on Goodreads!), the sound of the crashing waves, tiny houses, hugs from our sweet nieces and nephews, flowers, good coffee, being warmed by the sun on a spring day, red velvet cupcakes, snowcapped mountains, and searching for the perfect postcards to add to the collection.

Dan enjoys sci-fi, a good whisky, silly animal videos on Youtube, researching vintage Airstreams and tiny houses for our future yearlong road trip around the states, scheming about our dream to one day own a campground in the Pacific Northwest, and getting lost in whatever video game he’s playing at the moment.

Passionate about culture, food, history, and the great outdoors, The Postcard Travelers chronicles our explorations and delightful discoveries of our new home continent — Europe. And after that? Who knows? My vote is for South America or Asia!

Wherever life takes us, we hope there will be a place for laughter, breakfast for dinner, craft cocktails, the chance to camp and hike in the great outdoors, museums, game nights with friends, country music, snuggling with Scooter, our future tiny house, and of course, lots of traveling!


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