Life Lately: A Labor of Love

Hello all,

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! The last few weeks here have been either sunny and warm or cold and rainy. London weather just can’t seem to make up its mind!

On the colder, wetter days where I feel less inspired to venture outside I have been tirelessly working on a more sharper, more functional look for the blog to expand and grow the website with features such as interactive maps, printable itineraries, and pinterest pin-it buttons as well as a website migration, a term I had never heard of until I fell down the rabbit hole of technical speak. It kind of all started like the picture above…

As a result I have learned way more about FTP, CDN, SQL and dozens of other new acronyms and processes in the past few weeks than I had thought my right-sided, non-technical brain could ever comprehend and have to thank the wonderful DreamHost and WordPress tech support for handling my endless questions. Just goes to prove that you’re never too old to create new wrinkles in your brain… or want to bang your head on the table in frustration!

Along with the site migration and overall ‘upgrading’, I have taken a look at some of the older material posted in the earlier days of the blog’s infancy and have decided to break up a few of the lengthier posts into several shorter, more focused posts. However, WordPress does not have a disabling function to allow me to publish material without you all receiving an email notification that there is a new post hence the seven emails in a row this morning! Thought I had discovered a workaround but appears it didn’t work! No new material has been added to these so feel free to just delete them or if you are a newer subscriber or want to go on a quick virtual vacation from your desk at work, read and enjoy!

Thank you all for being the best audience to share our travel stories and growing photography skills with! I have really enjoyed writing and creating this blog over the last few months.

Take a look at the new website, tinker around with it, share the blog or individual posts via Facebook or Pinterest or email, and do please let me know if you experience any glitches or something looks wonky on the website!

Have any thoughts or suggestions on how I could improve the look or accessibility? After reading the blog have you gone and seen/done any of the places/experiences mentioned? I would love to hear from you!


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