Rome’s Ruins

Roman Forum

One of my favorite things about Rome is that the city’s long, rich history greets you around every corner with all of its spectacular ruins and impressive old buildings, hence the nickname the Eternal City. On our first visit to Rome we didn’t realize how extensive the the Roman Forum was […]

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Photo Diary: Rome Randoms


This was Dan and I’s second visit to Rome and the Eternal City never fails to sweep me away with that feel-good, sun drenched, easy feeling. Or maybe, its all the fantastic Italian wine that does that! It had been about a year and half since the last time we were here, so […]

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Photo Diary: The Acropolis of Athens

Athens, Acropolis

Built upon a limestone plateau with sheer 100-foot cliffs, your legs surely feel the climb as you make your awe-struck way upwards toward the Acropolis rising above modern Athens. Meaning “high city” in Greek, the Acropolis is considered the most important ancient site in the Western world and crowned by arguably the […]

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