You may have noticed that the blog has a new name! I love playing historian and documenting Dan and I’s travels on this blog not only to share with you all but also as a place where Dan and I can go to reminisce years down the road. So, why the name change? As we likely won’t always be living and traveling abroad I wanted a blog name that would reflect destinations both in our home country and abroad.

Why The Postcard Travelers?

Dan and I had started a tradition early on in our relationship of picking up a postcard from every destination that we visited together and writing on the back each day about what we saw and did during our travels so that we would remember all the details and best moments from our trips. Of course now that I write the blog we have fallen out of the habit of writing on the postcards! When we moved into our flat in London I decided it was time to proudly display our growing postcard collection and created a neat gallery wall of the framed postcards to adorn our long hallway (I had to take the frames down in order to get a picture of all of them!). I even framed the postcards between two sheets of glass so that one could easily read the written lines on the back of the postcard.



To keep a nice cohesive, artsy look to the collection I have a very specific style that I look for often referred to as “travel art” or “vintage travel” and occasionally it’s hard to find that specific postcard design at some of the destinations we’ve been to so I’ve had to resort to searching online after our trip ( is my go-to place to look, especially from this designer). I’ve also been known to come across a postcard for a particular place I like better than the one I had previously bought and switch them out. I have a LOT of London postcards I have run through the collection!

The best part about postcards as souvenirs is that they don’t take up that much space and rarely cost more than a dollar, euro, or pound! Some people even mail them home to themselves from the places they’re visiting so they can get that country’s postmark on the postcard as well. Plus who doesn’t like getting mail that isn’t bills or adverts right?

What about you? Do you have any specific souvenirs you are on the lookout for while traveling? I would love to hear about them. Hope you enjoy the new blog name!

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  1. I love the way you’ve framed your postcards! They look great. I collect postcards too (and magnets, to a lesser extent), but they’re just sitting in a big bag because I can never figure out what to do with them all!

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