Favorite Travel Memories of 2019

As the year drew to a close and we looked back at how the past 365 days had shaped us, Dan and I can only contemplate that 2019 has personally been a long and challenging year for us and very much a period of desperately hoping for time to pass quickly. But in searching for the silver lining, it has also presented some pretty amazing right-time, right-place opportunities for us to see parts of the world that had always been wistfully thought of as “someday,” with ventures into the Amazon and Africa to serve as the enduring happy memories of this current chapter in our life.

I know I am beyond behind on posting about our adventures — our Iceland 2016 campervan trip has been “coming soon!” for quite a while now. Culling through the hundreds of waterfall pictures is a daunting task even for those with infinite time on their hands — and hence why there was no year-end culmination post of best travel memories for 2017 or 2018. But, truth be told, for most of the past year I kind of just retreated within myself and didn’t feel much of a creative energy running through me or to take on the labor of love that is this blog in my spare time and attempt to tackle the overwhelming amount of catching up that is needed. I’m hoping our move this summer will bring more joyous days on the horizon.

Dan really dived into the pursuit of photography last year with the target-rich environment of some of the locales we had the joy of seeing and upgrading our camera to a full-frame and he has now taken up the reins as chief photographer and photo culler, leaving me to focus solely on the writing, so hopefully tackling these overdue posts now as a team effort will get us through the backlog! The quality of the photos Dan has been capturing lately as he deep-dives into both the technical and artistic sides of the world of photography has really impressed me.

So, without further ado, here is The Postcard Travelers’ round-up of 2019’s best travel memories and a sneak peek of more in-depth posts to come.

March//Being Mesmerized By Tango In Argentina

Meeting up with my parents in Buenos Aires and being wowed with “Dancing with the Stars” worthy tango performances in nearly every square.

April//Cruising The Amazon River

Spotting sloths, monkeys and pink dolphins and even swimming in the Amazon River during our weeklong cruise of the Peruvian Amazon region.

April//High-altitude Hiking In Peru

Surviving both the hair-raising bus ride up to the mountains and exhibiting mind over matter while continually putting one foot in front of the other through the stunning scenery of the Laguna 69 hike.

May//West End In London

Finally confirming the hype that the Hamilton musical is without a doubt hands-down amazing.

May//Trekking The Inca Trail

Watching the sun set over a tourist-free Machu Picchu after trekking the last 15 kilometers of the famed Inca Trail and entering through the Sun Gate. And being so tired and enchanted that we forgot to get a photo of it. So here’s one from the next day!

August//Summertime In San Diego

Enjoying some lowkey summer sunshine, BBQ, music, and laughter with family in San Diego.

November//Out On Safari

Tearing down the dusty savanna roads of Amboseli National Park Indiana Jones-style in our safari jeep after hearing over the radio that a pride of lions was walking along the road just a few kilometers ahead of us, being surrounded 360 degrees by herds of elephants in Tarangire National Park, and witnessing the start of the impressive two-million-strong migration of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles into the eastern Serengeti from a hot air balloon.

December//Experiencing The Equator In Ecuador

Cruising through Ecuador’s coastal and highland regions under the relentless equatorial sun with Dan’s parents via train before we then took on the Amazon jungle, mucking through mud in order to climb up into the tree tower and observe not just one toucan, but six in one tree alone.

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