Life Lately: Fall, Family, and Friends

Over the last few weeks, its become quite clear around here that the seasons are changing. During our walk in Hampstead Heath over the weekend we gleefully crunched over russet and ochre colored leaves as we zipped our fleeces all the way up to our chins and warmed our hands around steaming hot cups of tea. The sun is sinking behind the horizon a little earlier with each passing day and we are already mourning the loss of the extra daylight at the end of our work and school (Dan) and volunteering and dog boarding filled days (me). Winter here can be dark, bleak, and never-ending some days but fortunately, before we all retreat into our Vitamin D-deficient winter funks, London has been treating us to another year of glorious blue-skied, crisp fall weather.

Except of course for the one day Dan’s brother was in town last week for some sight seeing at the tail-end of a business trip (sorry Alex!), however, it wouldn’t have been a true London experience without a wet walk home from the tube station in the rain and the damp weather provided a perfect excuse for ducking into three different drinking establishments over the course of six hours to warm ourselves up with tumblers of scotch.

Hopefully, the weather will continue its golden streak because Dan and I are welcoming three (yes three!) more sets of visitors to our new adopted city before the week’s end. Our dear family friend Jim and two of Dan’s old work buddies will both be touching down in London this week and we are looking forward to catching up over a pint or two as we share our love of London with them.

Also, in just a few days time I will be reunited with my sister, brother-in-law, and the youngest of our nieces, sweet rambunctious seventeen month old Miss Grace! I am definitely looking forward to getting in some auntie time reading to her from the My First London Bus book I bought the other day and seeing her toddle through the cobblestoned streets of Lyon on our big family trip to the French countryside next week, where we will be joined by my parents, Dan’s parents, and my aunt Lisa.

It’s going to be a wine and laughter filled week and I can’t wait!

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