Life Lately: Happy New Year and “Good Stuff”

Happy New Year everyone! What did you do to celebrate? As we usually like to do, we kept it small and casual getting together with a few friends for some celebratory drinks and board games to ring in the new year.

A couple of years ago I found this memory jar idea on Pinterest and every year since Dan and I have started the tradition of our “Good Stuff Jar” where throughout the year we write down all the accomplishments, grateful moments, fun things we did, and the good things that happened to us that year on strips of paper and on the morning of New Years Eve we take turns pulling them out one by one from the jar and reading them aloud and reminiscing about our fond memories from that year (2013 was a fun year with our half dozen slips of paper commenting about a new fantastic venue or date for our ever changing wedding plans haha). A few times we have unknowingly written about some of the same things which means we get to bask in the good times twice!

So what filled our jar this year? All of our travel adventures, our busy year of family visitors, fun nights out with friends, Dan getting closer to completing his degree, me exceeding my bibliophile goal of reading over 15,000 pages for the year, all the cute dogs we’ve snuggled with and the extra income earmarked for travel we’ve earned from dog sitting, and the fulfillment I get volunteering weekly at SmartWorks.

Its often said that people don’t think enough about how lucky they are. Dan and I’s “Good Stuff Jar” not only reminds us every time we write down something and place it in the jar but collectively each year as well when we read them all at once and reflect on the good life we have created and fortunately been gifted with. May this coming year be just as blessed for you and yours with the things of which “good stuff” is made of!

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