Life Lately: We’re Moving!

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Well, it’s now official! The Postcard Travelers are moving sometime this October. After a little over three years in London, we will be heading to Washington, D.C. for about nine months before we make our way to the land of ceviche, llamas, pisco sours, and Machu Picchu — Peru! The capital city of Lima to be exact. We will be there for about three years, and we are so excited to have another country, continent, and hemisphere(!) to explore. Dan and I have been blessed in our lives with work opportunities to live on four continents. My childhood dream of seeing the world has been coming true! 

The last few months have been quite the frustrating waiting game waiting to find out where we would be moving to next and when. I’m quite the planner and like to have things figured out well ahead of time, so it was definitely an exercise in patience and frustration for me. Thankfully, I have had my new business proofreading and editing to keep me busy over the last eight months. As Dan and I have decided to extend our time living overseas and traveling, it was important for me to find some form of work which was flexible, mobile, and most importantly, allowed me to be my own boss and work from anywhere. I’ve proofed in six countries and counting so far, even while on holiday. Someone’s got to pay for those treat-yo-self dinners out while traveling!

I know the blog has been neglected over the last six months, and I apologize! Work has been keeping me busy, plus my aging MacBook has made editing photos in Lightroom even more of an exercise in patience than waiting to find out about our moving details. I will be treating myself to the new iMac when it is hopefully released this fall. Don’t think that I have forgotten about all the travel stories and photos I still need to share with all of you though, especially our camping trip in Iceland. My goal is to get all caught up on blogging our European adventures before we arrive in D.C. I hope I can keep that promise!

I can’t believe our time in London is almost coming to an end. In some ways, it feels like we only arrived here yesterday, but then I look back on all that we’ve seen and done during our time here, and I’m impressed with how much we’ve managed to pack in. No wonder I feel tired!

Dan has been keeping himself busy as well continuing to work on his bachelor’s degree, and he is looking forward to learning Spanish while we are in D.C. in preparation for our move to South America. It’s been about 14 years since I’ve studied any Spanish myself, so I will have a bit of studying to do too.

Scooter has enjoyed his time in the UK, especially exploring his big backyard full of squirrels and birds to chase. Over the last year, Scooter has completely lost his sight and is now fully blind. It’s tough seeing him move into the winter of his life, but I think he’s going to love napping in the Peruvian sun — something he doesn’t get to do much of at all in London!

The next few months will be a flurry of activity, but we’ve got a couple more gallivanting-around-Europe trips coming up before our move, including Norway, the Viking River Cruise along the Danube with Dan’s parents, Cornwall, and hopefully Croatia, if we can squeeze it in. Stay tuned!

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