London Happenings: Movie Night at Pillow Cinema

Pillow Cinema- London, UK

The sun sets. Cups of red wine appear and champagne corks are popped. All manner of sweets and savories are pulled out of take away bags from the Tesco down the street. Sweaters are donned as the air turns cool and pillows are pulled out of backpacks. Welcome to an average night at Pillow Cinema.

Billed as the coziest “night in” night out, Dan and I couldn’t wait to hit up the BYOB summertime pop-up rooftop cinema and watch one of my all time favorite movies, Forrest Gump. A timeless classic that I’ve watched  at least a dozen times and could endlessly quote.

After climbing six flights of stairs, we step out onto the rooftop of the SNAP Productions building in Hoxton and beeline for one of the several dozen large bean bags laid out in neat little rows. The usher hands us a pair of wireless headphones and a fleece blanket and tells us to enjoy the show. We quickly uncap our wine, settle into our bean bag, and pull our blankets up to our chins. The familiar scenes of a white feather floating on the breeze began and we are quickly transported to Greenbow, Alabama.

*Pillow Cinema runs until August 30th! Book your tickets here. Also check out Luna Cinema and Rooftop Film Club for similar experiences.

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