Jewels of the Baltic: Bruges & Copenhagen

Since moving to London over two years ago, The Postcard Travelers have mainly focused most of their European travels on mainland Western Europe, so this year we decided to tackle Northern and Eastern Europe, and what better way to travel the Baltic Sea region than via cruise. The steep prices for hotels and dining in places like Sweden and Denmark as well as the inconvenience and expense of having to secure entry visas for Russia make cruising an easy, economical way to get a taste of what the Baltic countries have to offer.

Back in June, Dan and I embarked on Princess Cruise’s Emerald Princess out of the UK port city of Southampton and set sail for two weeks on the Baltic Sea with port calls in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, and Poland. First up: Bruges and Copenhagen!

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Favorite Travel Memories of 2016

travel memories

As 2016 comes to an end, it’s time to look back over the past twelve months’ worth of adventures and reminisce about the year’s best travel moments. Dan and I continued to travel widely through Europe, exploring 19 countries this year, 15 of which we hadn’t been to before. I know I am […]

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Rome’s Ruins

Roman Forum

One of my favorite things about Rome is that the city’s long, rich history greets you around every corner with all of its spectacular ruins and impressive old buildings, hence the nickname the Eternal City. On our first visit to Rome we didn’t realize how extensive the the Roman Forum was […]

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