Photo Diary: Neuschwanstein Castle

December 23rd, 2014

After saying goodbye to the storybook village of Nuremberg and her delightful kristkindlesmart in the morning, we drove south toward Fuessen and the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration behind Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. The castle was overcrowded (as evident by the insane amount of people crowded on the Marienbrucke trying to get a picture of the castle!) and though the views were beautiful, I think we were all a bit underwhelmed by the experience.

The long wait in line to take the bus up the mountain to the castle, although making the trek up by foot is an option if you are so inclined, and the overpriced entrance tickets to see the interior of the castle (which we chose to forgo) didn’t leave much of an impression upon us unfortunately. Nor did the fearful 45 minute inch by inch impatiently slow shuffle to get toward the center of the overcrowded bridge long enough to snap a decent picture of the castle.


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