Introducing Our Postcard Collection

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Wait no longer! The Postcard Travelers‘ postcard collection is now no longer viewable just in our entry hallway, although if you’d like to see it in person arrangements might be made!

I have been wanting to add images of Dan and I’s growing postcard collection to the blog for sometime now but the overwhelming task of disassembling all the postcard collages, scanning the postcards one by one into our ridiculously slow printer, and then reassembling the collages had me wanting to head straight to the couch to prop my feet up. However, yesterday I had a spark of motivation and ran with it!

Here’s a look at a few of my favorites:

postcard collection

postcard collection

I love hunting for the perfect postcard that goes with our “travel art” style and it fills me with joy to watch our collection grow with every new place we explore. As Dan and I progressively work on minimizing all types of “clutter” in our lives in our eventual goal of living tiny, its the only material possession I want more of!

Check out the full collection here! Wondering what the story behind the postcards is? Read all about it here.

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