Eating up Rome

Rome food tour

After an incredible two days of sightseeing in Paris to kick off our anniversary trip, we made our way back to Paris’s Gare du Nord train station and after a beautiful, scenic train ride south through the French countryside we crossed into Italy and stopped for the night in Turin, of which all I remember is the delicious wine we enjoyed!


We continued our train journey through the Tuscan countryside the next day, pulling into Roma Termini station late afternoon and hopping into the most harrowing taxi rides of my life! Even more than the death defying one we took in NYC the first time we visited the Big Apple.

After checking into our hotel, just a mere five minute walk away from the Colosseum, we got lost in exploring the winding alleys and ruins surrounding the famous amphitheater before winding our way down toward the Tiber River and the Tiber Island where we were to meet our guide Jasmine of Eating Italy for the Twilight Trastevere food tour of the ivy covered, cobblestone street neighborhood favorited by the locals.

What an amazing night! Aside from the two of us, the other members of our group were a humorous fun loving bunch of church friends from Pennsylvania who were here attending a Catholic conference as well as visiting their two sons attending seminary training in Rome. They were great company and it was quite a unique experience to sit in an ancient cellar drinking wine with two young men of the cloth!

The tour was fantastic and we enjoyed Roman favorites and classics such as pizza, pasta carbonara, fresh pecorino romano, red wine, and gelato. Our favorite place was a 12th century AD synagogue turned restaurant called Ristorante Spirito Divino whose basement was laid with the characteristic long, flat bricks with Roman stamps that predate the Colosseum.

Rome food tour

The basement is used as a wine cellar these days and the exclusive intimate gathering place for our food tour. We enjoyed our time there so much and thought it would be a lovely place to celebrate our first November 12th wedding anniversary so our guide kindly set up a reservation for us the following evening.

Dan and I love eating our way through a new city and food tours are an awesome way to taste a new culture while learning a little history and culture at the same time!

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